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Main Street USA

Step back in time to the turn of the 20th century and walk right down the middle of Main Street USA, inspired by Walt's childhood memories of his hometown. From there you can pay a visit with Mr. Lincoln, eat or purchase anything your heart desires, and take in the unmistakable Disney magic. Welcome to Main Street USA.


Adventureland is the wonder world of nature's own realm. We can all sing like the birdies sing, take a rollicking cruise through the jungle, and climb to the treetops with Tarzan. But be very careful to not look into the eyes of Mara!

New Orleans Square

The old fashioned charm of the Big Easy comes to life in New Orleans Square. You can wander through the charming streets, set sail with plundering pirates, and even visit a mysterious mansion, which is said to be haunted by 999 happy haunts...

Critter Country

Critter Country is the home for critters of all kinds, whether they be from the Hundred Acre Wood, or Brer Rabbit's Briar Patch. The one thing you're sure to learn here, is that "Everybody's got a laughing place!"


Howdy partner! You've just entered the ol' wild West. Here mine trains careen out of control, steamships still sail the Rivers of America, and all your Disney friends can be found at a country jamboree! You're in Frontierland.